Engagement Process

Based on client’s enquiry and subsequent dialogue with us, we have a meeting with the client once we receive a request to meet the decision makers of the organization.


Goldratt India collaborates with its clients to increase their sales (minimum 30%), and profits (minimum double) within 52 weeks through TOC by changing global and local measurements, shrinking lead time and working capital, crashing cash to cash cycle time, and most importantly increasing prices. Most clients are able to significantly improve their output, On-Time delivery, and cash within less than 13 weeks.


Phases Of Engagement


Diagnostic Study
  • Understand client’s business segments and their undesirable effects (UDEs)
  • Review of financials
  • Assessment of the potential for improvement
2 weeks
TOC Education
and Financial
  • Education on the fundamentals of TOC
  • Generate consensus on TOC principles and the solution elements
  • Agreement and roll out of Weekly Financial Scorecard
9 weeks
design and
  • Detailing of Solution elements
  • Identify negative side effects and implementation obstacles
  • Generate counter measures for above
  • Generate commitment for profit potential increase for next 8 quarters
  • Implementation Plan along with milestones and responsibilities
2 weeks
  • Stop “wrong” practices and measurements
  • Implement new metrics
  • Weekly Reviews and Corrective Actions
  • Quarterly Review on estimated profits
~24 months


Our fees will be a small portion of the total increase in enterprise value created. The fixed component of our fees is about 2-3% of current throughput.


We would only take up assignments where we find potential and commitment to achieve levels of performance that were previously considered impossible to reach!


Please get in touch with us to learn more about how Goldratt India helps organizations to achieve quantum improvement in results.


Email : info@goldrattindia.com
Phone : +91 96320 18261

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