Business Transformation at JSPL

Cash Release of INR 3,600 crores (~56% reduction in working capital) through TOC implementation

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Thought Leadership

Goldratt India is the pioneer in TOC consulting in India. Ravi Gilani, Founder and Managing Consultant, Goldratt India is the only Indian to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from TOCICO.

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Goldratt India is a management consulting firm that collaborates with clients to increase their cash, profit and sales, by an order of magnitude that is conventionally considered unachievable. Together, we are able to achieve sustainable bottom line results in a short period of time through the application of Dr. Eli Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC).  

Ravi Gilani introduced TOC to Indian companies in 1998. He is the only Indian to receive the Lifetime Achievement Award from TOCICO for his contribution to the industry.

Our Expertise

Business Transformation at JSPL

Our client Jindal Steel and Power Limited (JSPL) has been able to shrink its working capital by about 56% ~ INR 3,600 crores (or a little over half a billion dollars) within two years of TOC implementation. Watch this short video to hear Mr. Naveen Jindal, Chairman, JSPL talk about how TOC helped in the turnaround of the company.

TOC Thinking Processes

Mr. Raghunath Mandava from Airtel shares his experience of TOC Thinking Processes for problem solving and change management. The team used TOC Thinking Processes to redesign processes and improve performance manifold in several projects.

Industry Insights

Eliminating Shortages In Manufacturing Without Increasing Inventory

TOC’s replenishment solution helps in increasing availability without increasing inventory, taking into account the variability (or reliability) of the supply from the vendors.

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When Money You Hold Matters Over Selling More

Companies can get into a cash crunch, if they increase sales without improving their working capital turns

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Why Cash Should Be King

Some unorthodox solutions can help corporates emerge out of life-threatening financial crises

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Budgeting Room For Error

The annual budgeting process in corporate India, leaves both managers and employees frustrated needs a complete overhaul

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Delivery Reliability, The New Competitive Edge

In the last 20 years, Indian organizations have improved product quality to a great degree, but delivery reliability is the one aspect of Indian manufacturing where a similar advantage is yet to be established.

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Keeping It Simple

Service providers often try to increase their business by trying to delight their existing customers or offering great benefits to potential customers. However, in many cases, they end up annoying the customers.

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First, Get Your House In Order!

How can corporate India shift focus from external issues to internal customer satisfaction?

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Culture And Measurements

Does culture have any relationship with measurements, be it formal or informal?

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Client Speak

We had introduced Theory of Constraints (TOC) in our Flexi Packaging business in 2006 where we had losses for quite a few years. We had not only turned around within a few months, but have also been increasing our profits year after year for the last 13 years.

Mr. Gaurav Swarup, Managing Director- Paharpur Cooling Towers

We follow the weekly review process rigorously. We focus on throughput and the biggest gain is that it helps us develop business leaders and not just sales managers or operation managers. This process really brings in a business leadership attitude and that’s a big gain for us.

Mr Rahul Gautam, Managing Director – Sheela Foam (Sleepwell Mattresses)

Through the implementation of TOC concepts and your unrelenting guidance, at Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) detail parts facilities viz Tata Sikorsky Aerospace Limited (TSAL) and Tata Centre of Excellence (TCoE), both plants have displayed a sea change in metrics as compared to the previous years. With the motto of “Better than Before” we shall be able to take on the next set of challenges for further improvements.

Mr. Masood Hussainy, VP and Head – Aerostructures and Aero Engines – Tata Aerospace and Defence


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